Advancing Health Through Knowledge and Action

At African Public Health, our mission is to foster health improvements across Africa by promoting cutting-edge research and practical interventions. We aim to increase the visibility of innovative projects, facilitate collaboration among professionals, students, and communities, and translate scientific discoveries into actionable insights. Together, we drive change to build a healthier, more resilient Africa.

Our Vision

We envision a future where health researchers and practitioners in Africa profoundly and enduringly transform the continent, ensuring better health for all Africans. We strive for:

  • equitable access to comprehensive healthcare services
  • including preventive
  • promotional
  • curative
  • Palliative
  • Rehabilitative care.

Our Mission

We are committed to empowering health actors in Africa by promoting transformative approaches that combine health policies, service provision, and research. This site serves as a platform to share and advocate for views, actions, and practices on the health challenges facing African countries and populations. While we don't claim to offer miracle solutions, we aim to foster effort and synergy to enhance the impact of research and interventions. We encourage constructive exchanges for innovative, sustainable, and contextualized solutions, focusing on improving the health of the most vulnerable. We gratefully acknowledge all contributors and users and urge courtesy, moderation, and objectivity in discussions.

Together for a Healthier Africa.